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Sylvie Marjanowicz

Sylvie Marjanowicz is a holistic health and fitness professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a certified health, life, and fitness coach, master personal trainer, group fitness instructor, corporate wellness coach, reiki master, and yoga instructor. As a student of life, she is on a journey around the medicine wheel to become a shamanic practitioner, along with deepening her spiritual devotion and practice with advanced yoga teacher training. Her professional background is met with her personal struggles as a survivor of abuse, addiction, anxiety, eating/body image disorder, hormonal imbalance, nervous system dysregulation, and other traumas including a serious car accident. Health coaching unfolded organically and led her to specialize in behavior change, toxic relationships, and addiction. As a coach, she creates a safe space for individuals to work through their process, while supporting them through their emotions and energy in motion. She intuitively challenges them to peel back the layer, guiding them to personal self-awareness. As she shines, she provides the tools to light the way for others to make lifestyle adjustments and move toward whole-body healing and sustained wellness for life. Her professional accomplishments have paralleled her personal development. Growing up in the South of France, she embraced a Mediterranean lifestyle and diet. Her lifelong pursuit of athleticism started at 5-years-old as a gymnast, ice skater, swimmer, and diver. In later years, she competed in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure competitions on local, state, and national levels with multiple accolades.  She launched her personal training business while attending UCF for business management, and then moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1995. In 1997, she was hit by an 18-wheeler. Conventional doctors wanted to operate and medicate her, but she refused. On a mission to take control of her recovery, she sought alternative methods of treatment that included integrative pain management and Bikram Hot Yoga. In 2001, she stepped back on stage. With the highs of accomplishments came challenges also. An eating disorder started during her teens and then manifested in other areas. As she found her self-love and connection to her soul, she found her ease and flow in life. As Sylvie’s journey has evolved, she has deepened her coaching skills as a spiritual teacher/mentor, and subtle energy facilitator. She uses a mind-body approach as a yoga instructor, reiki master, sound alchemist, aromatherapist, and breath-work facilitator. Through education, experience, and wisdom, she blends current fitness modalities and various ancient methods to integrate wholeness, harmony, and balance for whole-body well-being. Her unique framework helps support people to transform trauma, pain, and other “stuck” energies into peace and wholeness, so they may find their ease and reach their potential in life. Her down-to-earth, authentically honest, and often humorous approach makes her relatable and a leader as a transformation coach.

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