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Case Study: Exercise Intolerance, Adrenal Fatigue, Syncope: 41-Year-Old Female


A case study of a 41-year-old female presented with symptoms that started two years ago. She regularly experienced exercise intolerance, light headedness, headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. She reported having a high-stress job that is mentally and physically demanding. The patient experienced one episode of syncope while performing high intensity exercise. She stated that symptoms worsened after a COVID-19 infection. This case study will look at exercise intolerance and adrenal fatigue.

Examination and Diagnosis

Examination revealed high blood pressure, stage 2 adrenal fatigue with high cortisol levels, dysglycemia with early stage insulin resistance, and midbrain dysfunction. These results are associated with dysfunction of the extended autonomic nervous system.


Treatment consisted of ten visits 2 times per week. Treatment included eye movements therapies, vestibular rehabilitation, neuromodulation, bemer therapy, near-infrared light therapy, and 1hr HBOT session. At home she was given supplementation and dietary changes.


At the first re-examination the patient noted improvement in energy levels, dizziness, and exercise intolerance. Prior to starting treatment she was unable to exercise. She has now returned to mild/moderate exercises several times a week. She has not had any more syncopal episodes. She will continue with eye movement therapies, supplementation, and dietary changes at home.


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