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Case Study: Dizziness and Vertigo: 32-Year-Old Female


A 32-year-old female presented with chronic, recurring vertigo that began 6 years prior. The patient noted 5-6 episodes of vertigo per year that would last 1-2 days. She stated that each episode would leave her bedridden and unable to work.

Dizziness and Vertigo:

Examination and Diagnosis

A neurological examination revealed central vestibular dysfunction.


The patient was initially treated 15 times – 3 times per week for 5 weeks. Visits included eye movement therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, neuromodulation to the hypoglossal and trigeminal nerves, and chiropractic adjustments. Continued maintenance care occurred every 4-6 weeks, and included neuromodulation, chiropractic adjustments, at home eye exercises and stress management.


During the initial phase of treatment the patient went 8 months without having a vertiginous episode. The intensity, frequency, and duration of future episodes were lessened. The patient is now in complete remission of chronic vertigo.


Functional neurological care has been shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic vertigo. For further information regarding our specific approach, click here.


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