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Case Study: Balance Issues, Cognitive Decline: 69-Year-Old Female

A 69-year-old female presented to Carolina Functional Neurology Center with fatigue, brain fog, balance and memory issues. 

Examination and Diagnosis

Physical examination revealed right sided cerebellar dysfunction, decreased sensation in both feet with vibration and proprioception,  eye tracking dysfunction with pursuits and saccades. Videonystagmgraophy exam revealed a left beating nystagmus. Posturography examination revealed a larger posterior center of pressure and inability to perform balance testing on perturbated surface. Laboratory findings revealed elevated blood sugar levels and liver enzymes. 


The patient was initially treated two times per week for 10 weeks for neurological rehabilitation. During the initial course of treatment, the patient underwent targeted vestibular exercises, interactive metronome therapy, red light therapy, balance exercises and cognitive rehabilitation therapies focusing on the memory centers. In conjunction with this, she underwent ten sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

The patient underwent a second round of treatment that consisted of one session per week of neurological rehabilitation and one session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a total of five weeks. 


After the initial course of treatment, the patient saw improvement with energy, reduced brain fog, and improvement in balance. She no longer needed assistance with balancing with eyes closed or walking on uneven surfaces. She was able to begin exercise classes and not have repercussions to her energy levels afterwards. 

Objectively, the patient's nystagmus was attenuated and her posturography scores improved.

During the second round of treatment, the patient completed vestibular exercises at home. Balance targeting exercises and cognitive exercises were completed in the office. 


Functional neurological care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment for chronic fatigue and cognitive decline and to improve overall brain function. Every patient requires an individualized approach and targeted treatment to achieve optimal results. Please contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.


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