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Why Should I Take Supplements?

“Should I be taking supplements?”

“Why should I be taking them?”

“Do I need to take supplements every day for the rest of my life?”

“How do I know what supplement brands are best to take?”

“There are so many different kinds of supplements, how do I know what I should be taking?”

“How much should I take?”

These are some of the questions that we receive from new patients and current patients. It can be very confusing and frustrating for individuals to figure out what supplements they should be taking, how much they should be taking and when they should be taking them. Let us start off by saying this – not all supplements are created equally and not everyone’s body is built the same! Your supplement regimen should be catered to your body’s biochemistry and help you accomplish your health goals.

It is best to receive guidance from a provider about what type and dosage of supplements you should be taking. Only a few supplements should be consumed daily. Most supplements should be consumed with a goal and purpose in mind. These are not to be taken for the rest of your life, instead they should be taken with intention and for a certain amount of time.

Most supplements are safe to take, as long as they do not interact with any medications or other supplements. This is very dependent on the patient, their medical history and current medications. The doctors at CFNC recommend only a few supplements that should be taken daily. (These are suggestions and not to be taken as medical advice.)

The supplements our doctors recommend to be taken daily are:

  • Prebiotic and probiotic

  • Multivitamin

  • Vitamin D

  • DHA

  • Zinc

Why do I need to take supplements every day?

Not every supplement needs to be taken every day. The supplements listed above can be taken daily because they help to delicately lower inflammation, patch micronutrients in our diet, restore gut health and boost our immune system. It can be very difficult to ensure that our diet fills all of our micro and macronutrients each day. That is why we recommend the above supplements to be taken daily to help your system function optimally.

Our Approach

When the doctors at CFNC suggest supplements to our patients, it is very specific to the patient’s needs. The doctors at CFNC base their recommendations off of objective findings, such as the patient’s blood work and exam findings. The supplements suggested are done so with a purpose. Meaning, that these supplements are not to be taken every single day for the rest of the patient’s life. They are utilized and dosed for a specific goal for the patient’s health and only for a specific time. Once that goal is reached, then the patient will be tapered off and will discontinue taking the supplement.

In addition to this, the recommendations from our doctors are physician-grade supplements that are made with excellent quality. They are not available on shelves at your local supermarket or health food store. Throughout treatment, our doctors are monitoring our patients while they are on their supplements, that way they can react in real time if someone does not respond favorably to the supplements. This is why it is important to discuss with your doctor about which supplements and the dosage of the supplement you should be taking before beginning any supplementation.

At CFNC, we feel that it is of utmost importance that we address the body comprehensively by evaluating and treating ALL of the systems involved. This includes evaluating lab work and providing dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes to our patients to help them achieve optimal brain health, healing and success.


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