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What to Expect as a New Patient at Carolina Functional Neurology Center (CFNC)

Welcome to Carolina Functional Neurology Center! We encourage you to read our blog posts, watch our videos, and scroll through our Facebook and Instagram channels to learn more about our holistic healthcare approach and success stories.

What to expect as a new patient at CFNC:

As a new patient, you have a few options available to create your new patient appointment. You can begin by scheduling a consultation. This virtual appointment is designed for you to ask questions to the doctor and learn more about functional neuCFrology, our treatment approach and steps moving forward.

If, however, you are interested in creating a new patient appointment right away without a consultation, then you can contact either one of our locations and our staff will be more than happy to help assist you.

One of the most common questions we receive during consultations is “what does your initial patient exam look like?” Our new patient examination involves a 1.5 hour bedside neurological exam and diagnostic testing. You will be in the office one-on-one with a doctor during this time. The doctor will perform the exam and then you will finish your treatment with diagnostic testing that consists of balance testing (computerized dynamic posturography) and eye movement testing (Videonystagmography). Once the examination portion is completed, you will be sent home with a lab requisition for blood work.

Patient exam

As functional neurologists, we apply our treatment and rehabilitation with one goal in mind: neuroplasticity. We want to drive as much positive neuroplasticity as possible during our treatments. In order to accomplish this, metabolics are a very important piece to the puzzle. It is vital to ensure the metabolic component as a part of healing in order to create optimal amounts of neuroplasticity.

Finally, once your new patient exam is done and your lab work is completed, you and the doctor will have another appointment where they will discuss the results with you. This can be completed virtually over the phone or by Telehealth. This appointment is designed for you and the doctor to go over any significant findings, address any questions or concerns you may have, and then discuss the suggested treatment plan moving forward.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Another common question we receive is “what does treatment look like?” We have many different options for our patients regarding what their treatment may look like. If we have patients who are from out of town or who have a long commute to one of our locations, we offer intensive day or intensive week appointments. This means that your treatment time would consist of a few hours in one day or a few hours each day over a week time period.

For our local patients we do offer non-intensive appointments. This would be a 30 minute to hour long appointment a few times per week over the course of the treatment plan. These types of appointments are discussed between you and your treating doctor during your review of findings to ensure that the suggested amount of treatment is manageable with your schedule.

Treatment management

What Should I Expect When I Start?

During treatment, the main goal is to create neuroplasticity. If you are unfamiliar with the term, neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change based on physical, emotional and environmental stimuli. This is done by causing neurons to consistently fire which will create neuronal networks in the brain to change and adapt to the stimulus. Treatment is very specific to the patient and what is needed to create neuroplasticity to their system. Meaning, everyone’s treatment will look different.

At CFNC, we utilize multiple modalities such as red light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neuromodulation therapy, tilt table therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, balance rehabilitation, autonomic retraining, and much more!

Rehabilitation therapy

One thing to expect with treatment is that you are working with the doctor during your sessions and it is hands-on treatment. Meaning, that parts of your treatment may be done passively (the doctor is carrying your exercises out with you) and actively (you are carrying out the exercises by yourself with supervision of the doctor). This may seem daunting to some individuals. An important thing to know is that no treatment should make you feel symptomatic during or afterwards. This is a common goal among every provider at CFNC.

For more information about what treatment may look like, we encourage you to watch our overview video. It provides fantastic information and insight to what treatment can consist of.


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