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Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy

Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy is one of the many modalities that can be used during treatment at CFNC. In order to create neuroplasticity your brain needs three things:

  1. Oxygen

  2. Fuel (glucose and ketones)

  3. Stimulation

Red light and infrared therapy

At CFNC, we surround every treatment plan with these things in mind. Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy helps to increase oxygenation throughout the system. This bright light is not a UV light, therefore it is not damaging to skin. In fact, we are exposed to red light and infrared light through the sun during sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, we are not usually outside during these times to absorb it.

We utilize Red Light to help give our patients a boost before or after treatment. This is especially helpful for our dysautonomia patients. We approach treating the autonomic nervous system from a few angles. First is from the brain down. We target therapies to help stabilize the autonomic nervous system. Second is inside out. We use other therapies and supplements to help increase fuel delivery around the system. Third is outside in. We use our Red Light and Near Infrared machines to increase oxygen and fuel delivery around the body.

Red Light and Near Infrared machines

Some additional benefits to Red Light Near Infrared therapy are:

  • Increase oxygenation

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Improvement of mood

  • Hormone regulation

  • Improved sleep

  • Anti-aging

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