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Case Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome: 10-Year-Old Female


A 10-year-old female presented to CFNC with headaches and light sensitivity after hitting her head. She was waking up with headaches daily and had to wear sunglasses to school. Acetaminophen would alleviate the headaches for a few hours.

Examination and Diagnosis

The patient was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.


The patient was initially treated two times per week for one hour over five consecutive weeks, with a re-examination on the final visit. While undergoing treatment, the patient began an at-home regimen of individualized supplementation to address neuroinflammation with liposomal turmeric and fish oil, specifically DHA.

Treatment consisted of gaze stabilization exercises, chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue modalities and electrical muscle stimulation.


After the initial course of treatment, the patient was no longer experiencing headaches or light sensitivity. She did not need sunglasses at school or acetaminophen for her headaches. She returned to sports and activities without symptoms.

The patient is continuing with maintenance chiropractic treatment once every four to six weeks to monitor progress.


Functional neurological care and chiropractic care can be effective at treating post-concussion syndrome. Patients of any age require an individualized approach and targeted treatment to achieve optimal results.


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