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Diet Protocol Coaching Program

Accountability-Integration-Compassion (80/20 Method)

  • 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

The Diet Protocol Coaching Program Includes: • Assistance following provider's recommended diet protocol, test results or plan of care • 12 or 24 weekly 30-minute sessions • Health coach collaboration with provider • Access to health coach via text or email • A commitment of 6 months is preferable to allow for the diet phase, reintroduction, and integration into the lifestyle phase Costs: • 3 months (12 sessions) - $1,149 - three monthly payments of $383 • 6 months (24 sessions) - $2,250 - six monthly payments of $375 Functional medicine doctors often tailor diets to individual patients based on their unique health needs and goals. Some common diets include the elimination diet, Mediterranean diet, ketogenic and low-carb diets and Whole30 diet. These diets, among others, are often part of a holistic approach to health that functional medicine doctors advocate for their patients. A health coach plays a crucial role in supporting patients by providing personalized guidance and motivation, helping patients understand and adhere to their dietary recommendations. A health coach can educate patients about the principles behind their diets, such as the importance of nutrient-dense foods or how certain foods may impact health conditions. They also assist in meal planning, recipe modification, and navigating social situations to ensure compliance with the prescribed diet. Additionally, health coaches offer emotional support and accountability, empowering patients to make lifestyle changes that complement their medical treatment plans. A 90 to 180-day program is often recommended to successfully move through the protocol, allowing time to adapt to new eating habits and monitor the body's response to dietary changes. This also provides the opportunity for regular check-ins to assess progress, address challenges, and make necessary adjustments. By committing to a program, patients can establish long-lasting dietary habits that support their health goals and overall well-being. Sylvie, a holistic health coach with extensive experience in nutrition, specializes in supporting individuals through diet protocols. With a background in eating disorders, she approaches these protocols with a deep understanding of the challenges involved. Sylvie emphasizes accountability, integration into individual lifestyles, and a compassionate approach, guiding patients with grace toward their health goals. If you'd like learn more before signing up, please schedule a consultation.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours, please contact Sylvie Marjanowicz at or 919-322-8101.

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